1928 Hudson Model Convertible Sedan Car by Murphy

For 1928 the Model O chassis represented the top of the Hudson line, providing an excellent foundation for custom coachbuilding. As such, a handful of Model O chassis were sent to Murphy Body Works to receive custom coachwork. Of these, only a limited few received Murphy’s custom designed and built Convertible Sedan body.  Today, it is believed that less than five of these remain, which each featuring unique characteristics not held by the others.

This particular Convertible Sedan, formerly of the Eldon and Esta Hostetler Collection, showcases the only known three-piece hood, replete with completely removable side panels and a fixed top. Other unique features include individual polished stainless-steel strips attached to the body panels, running the length of the cowl, hood, and body. Custom-built polished wooden running boards incorporate stainless-steel trim strips and grated step plates. The rear displays a permanently installed luggage trunk and folding luggage rack. Murphy’s trademark “Clear Vision” narrow windshield and window pillars accentuate bodylines; typical Murphy appointments abound throughout.

Notably, the car was the first Hudson ever to be selected to The Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, taking Best-in-Class honors in 2009. Thereafter, due to its custom coachwork and rarity, the car was awarded Full Classic recognition by the CCCA in 2010. Further, the car received AACA National First Prize honors  at the October 2010 Hershey Fall Meet.