1937 Hudson Railton 4-door Sedan


The Hudson Railton was named for British automotive engineer Reid A. Railton, who designed both a land speed record setting automobile and a water speed record setting boat.  The Railton was built in England from 1933 until the beginning of World War II with less than 1,500 being produced.

Col. Reginald Rippon of Rippon Brothers Coachbuilders built this 1937 Hudson Railton for use on his personal estate. This Railton boasts many luxurious features such as aluminum coachwork, dual sliding roof panels, and fitted 3-piece luggage just to name a few. One particularly luxurious amenity is the an inlaid walnut cabinet in the passenger compartment which transforms into a table and contains a matchbox, cigarette and cigar boxes, a silver plated cognac flask, a corkscrew, and a chocolate box. In addition to its refined finishings and due to its intend use as an estate car, this Railton boasts many unusual features, such as a waterproof compartment concealed under the luggage for carrying sport rifles and a reinforced trunk lid that doubles as a shooting platform capable of supporting two men.