1934 Auburn 12 Cylinder Phaeton




The 12 cylinder vehicles such as this 1932 12 Cylinder Phaeton were Auburn’s top of the line cars of the era. The Phaeton was a dual-purpose car, being both a convertible and a four-door sedan. Auburn cars featured many of the amenities found only on high-end luxury cars, such as radios, heaters, roll-up windows, free-wheeling, bulletproof Lycoming 12 Cylinder engine, and perhaps the most innovative of all, the two-speed rear axle and hydraulic brakes. The two-speed rear axle allowed the car to effortlessly run road speeds of 65 MPH, while other makes of the period could only reach top speeds of 50 MPH. The Auburn 12 Cylinders were possibly the best Classic Car for the money in the early 1930s.